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Dragon’s Fortune Introduction

Casino games today are focused on innovation and providing a unique experience on the slots table. Dragon's Fortune is a game that combines thrill, excitement, and winning prospects. It is a simple slots game with six possible winning combinations. What sets it apart is its inspiration from the automated play feature commonly found in other slot games. If you're interested in playing Dragons Fortune, look for casinos offering Microgaming games and great casino bonuses.

Basic Game Concept

In this game, all the player needs to do is hit the start play button and watch as the dragon reveals what it has in store. It's as simple as that. The game heavily relies on the dragon, with little room for user involvement.

Game Play

As the game starts, pearls appear from the Red Dragon's mouth. Each game has six pearls, each with a different color and hieroglyph, giving them distinct identities. A payout is earned when two pearls with the same hieroglyph are identified. The game features:
  • Full automation
  • Multiplier
  • Jackpot
  • Non-progressive game plan
  • Reasonable return ratio
The payout amount is calculated by multiplying the original bet amount by a fixed multiplier for each identified pearl. Players can start betting with as little as fifty cents, while some select casinos allow bets up to ten dollars.


Dragon's Fortune, designed by Microgaming, is a game that appeals to a wide audience. It includes elements that attract a large number of players. It's worth mentioning that bonus and jackpot payouts play a significant role in the popularity of any slots game.

Bonus Games

Dragon's Fortune skips the bonus payout option and goes directly to the jackpot round. Players do not have the opportunity to earn extra winnings from bonus wins.


In the jackpot round of Dragon's Fortune, players can win up to 22,000 coins. The final payout includes the multiplier value, making it a substantial fortune for any lucky winner. However, progressive jackpots are not included in Dragon's Fortune.


The Asian theme of Dragon's Fortune, along with the allure of the dragon and sense of mystique, adds a surreal quality to the game. The attractive concept, superior graphics, and overall design make it an instant hit. Some players may find the lack of involvement besides clicking a button slightly bothersome, as it may diminish the sense of achievement they expect from a game. The game's designers are likely aware of this and have created a niche space in the world of slots gaming for those who appreciate the sizable jackpot that accompanies the game.
Dragons fortune slot

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