What are Wagering Requirements?

Understanding Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Before you begin playing real money games at online casinos, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of wagering requirements, their functioning, and how to maximize your chances of meeting them successfully. By doing so, you can strategically overcome these requirements and improve your overall gaming experience.

In just a short time, you can learn about withdrawal limits, return to player percentages, and various casino payment methods by reading our informative articles. We highly recommend thoroughly reading this article as we will delve into the reasons behind the existence of wagering requirements, their mechanics, effective strategies for capitalizing on them, and where to find the most advantageous offers. So, let’s dive right in!

What is a Wagering Requirement?

First and foremost, let’s clarify what a wager is. A wager refers to the money you bet while playing various online casino games, such as slot machines, video poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more. It’s important to control the amount you spend by staying within the designated betting range. Regardless of whether you win or lose the bet, the money you spent during that specific round is added to all your previous stakes, resulting in the total wager.

However, it’s crucial to note that the prize you receive at the end of the round is not included in the wager calculation. There are rare instances where jackpots require additional investments to contribute to the prize pool and participate in the competition. In such cases, this extra money may not be counted towards the total wager. Always refer to the casino’s terms and conditions section for specific information regarding this matter.

Wagering requirements are typically applied by online casinos when you decide to claim one of their bonus offers. For instance, if you deposit €50 and wish to withdraw the same amount immediately, there might be certain conditions in place. This could involve waiting for a specific period of time, fulfilling a small multiplier requirement, or incurring a fee.

Please note that the specific terms and conditions regarding wagering requirements can vary between different online casinos. It’s always advisable to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with a particular bonus offer to fully understand the requirements before proceeding.

How to Calculate the Wagering Requirements

Allow us to illustrate our point with an example, as it greatly facilitates comprehension.

Suppose you come across a fantastic first deposit bonus at a new casino, offering a 100% boost to your initial investment. Intrigued, you decide to deposit €20. The casino, in turn, rewards you with an additional €20, leaving you with a total of €40 in your casino wallet.

However, there’s a condition attached to this bonus. By claiming it, you commit yourself to meeting a withdrawal requirement specified by the casino. Until you fulfill this condition, you won’t be able to make a withdrawal request.

For instance, let’s assume the casino imposes a wagering requirement of x50. This means you must wager a total of €2,000 (€40 x 50) in order to become eligible for withdrawal. Initially, this might sound daunting, but it’s not as intimidating as it seems. If you’ve read our article on Return to Player (RTP), you’re already familiar with the theoretical chances of winning.

While it’s possible to encounter difficulties in meeting the wagering requirement if you experience a streak of bad luck, it’s important to remember that you had twice the amount to play with initially. By depositing €20, you acknowledged the possibility of losing that money within a few minutes. However, by doubling it, you increase your chances of winning. Who knows? Perhaps the remaining two or three euros will result in a substantial victory on a progressive jackpot!

This brings us to our next point: the ease with which you can fulfill the requirements if luck is on your side. Imagine landing a winning combination in a slot game with a €5 wager, or even hitting the jackpot. In such cases, you can comfortably spend an additional €2,000 and prepare for the payout. However, it’s more probable that you’ll accumulate several smaller prizes. Ultimately, the goal is to manage to wager €2,000 through the slot machine while still having some cash left in your account.

So to break it down for you:

Example 1: €20 (your deposit) + €20 (casino bonus) x 50 (wagering requirements) = €4000 (the example listed above in a bit more detail).

Example 2: €100 (casino bonus) x 30 (wagering requirements) = €3000.

Know the Contributing Percentages Toward the Wagering Requirements

In casinos that permit the use of bonuses on various games, different percentages of contribution come into play. In such casinos, all slot games have a contribution rate of 100 percent, while other casino games have significantly lower contribution rates. For instance, according to the terms and conditions, table pokers, Roulette, and Red Dog have a contribution rate of 50 percent, while all other games have a contribution rate of 10 percent.

To illustrate, if you wager €100 on slots, which have a 100-percent contribution rate, the entire amount will be credited towards meeting the wagering requirements (WR). However, if you wager €100 on Red Dog, which has a 50-percent contribution rate, only €50 will be counted towards the WR. It is advisable to consider these contribution percentages when planning your gameplay, aiming to fulfill the requirements as quickly as possible.

Keep Track of Your Wagers and Contributions Toward the Wagering Requirements

Staying informed about your progress is essential to stay ahead of the game. In some casinos, the regular balance and the free/bonus cash balance are kept separate. Typically, any winnings obtained using the bonus will be listed as “Pending” and will be automatically updated. Once the requirements are fulfilled, the winnings will be credited to the main account.

These requirements are unavoidable, and most reputable casinos implement them for regulatory purposes and as a strategic business practice. Although they cannot be eliminated, there are still ways to navigate around them. By following the recommended tips provided here, you can overcome these conditions and fully enjoy the bonuses and benefits that accompany them!

Why the Wagering Requirement Exists

Wagering requirements are closely associated with bonuses, benefiting three different entities in distinct ways:

Governments – Consider the potential for criminals to exploit casinos for money laundering if regulations were not in place. Wagering requirements, along with daily limits and pending times, exist to prevent such illicit activities and ensure compliance with the law.

Online Casinos – By adhering to regulatory requirements, casinos can operate without interruptions. Additionally, they increase their profit potential by implementing higher wager multipliers. It is crucial for players to be vigilant and carefully review these parameters on all casino sites, especially when it comes to bonus promotions.

Players – In exchange for temporarily locking their funds until the wagering requirements are met, players have the opportunity to significantly increase their initial investment, potentially doubling or even tripling their money with the first deposit.

It is evident that wagering requirements serve a beneficial purpose for all parties involved, dispelling the misconception that they exist solely to prevent players from winning money through bonuses. However, there are certain strategies and approaches that can be employed to “bypass” or “beat” these requirements.

How to mathematically “Beat” the Wagering Requirement

The term “beat” in quotation marks was used to indicate a specific context. It is not possible to completely avoid wagering requirements and distinguish oneself from other players. However, there are legitimate offers and online casinos that operate without these requirements. Nevertheless, they may come in different variations.

To potentially overcome wagering requirements, it is often necessary to aim for a win of 400-500 times the initial bet, or alternatively, achieve a series of significant wins during the gaming session (100-200 times the bet). One strategy to pursue is starting with a more aggressive approach by playing high variance games that offer substantial potential rewards. This can be particularly effective when dealing with high wagering requirements.

Free Spins

Slot machine players are likely to be well acquainted with this particular feature, as it is present in nearly every game available. One approach you can take is to search for offers that exclusively provide free spins, without any additional free money included.

Casinos offer the opportunity to spin the reels a certain number of times (for example, 10, 20, or 30) at a predetermined wager, without any obligations afterwards. This means that any winnings accumulated during these free spins can be withdrawn immediately. However, it’s important to note that not all offers function in this manner, and there may be requirements to fulfill before making a withdrawal. Therefore, carefully reading the terms and conditions of any offer is crucial.

Cashback Offers

Experiencing a losing streak in online gambling can be quite disheartening, particularly due to the rapid loss of money. To incentivize and retain players, online casinos have introduced the cashback offer, which allows you to recoup a small portion of your losses. The noteworthy aspect of these offers is that they typically come without any wagering requirements, meaning you can receive 10% or 20% of your losses back.

These cashback offers can be:

  • Available as a one-time opportunity
  • Offered on a daily, monthly, weekly, or even annual basis

We highly recommend taking advantage of these offers whenever you find yourself losing money, as there is no reason not to do so. You will receive a portion of your money back, which can be withdrawn immediately or used for further attempts. Who knows? You might even recover all your losses or potentially even earn more than your initial amount.

No Wagering Casinos

In order to provide you with complete transparency, there are some important clarifications to make when discussing topics like no wagering requirements or wager-free casinos. While casinos may claim to have no wagering requirements, it is essential to note that you will often find complex and challenging sentences explaining the terms and conditions associated with the offer.

This is precisely why we strongly emphasize the importance of carefully reading the terms and conditions. Casinos are legally obligated to disclose all the relevant details regarding fees, requirements, and additional charges in that section. Even though there may not be a specific requirement like x20 or x30, it is common to encounter small fees, which can be either fixed amounts or presented as percentages within the offer.

By familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions, you can ensure a clear understanding of any associated fees or obligations. This empowers you to make informed decisions when engaging with wager-free offers or promotions.

Online Casinos Without Wagering Requirements – Are They the Best?

Many first-time players often prioritize searching for online casinos that do not impose wagering requirements, believing that such casinos would be more profitable for them. However, the reality is a bit more complex. To begin with, the wagering requirements offered by different gambling platforms can vary significantly, ranging from 1x to 80x, depending on the specific game and operator.

It is crucial to understand that these requirements are typically associated only with certain games and primarily with casino bonuses. In most cases, a wagering requirement is specifically linked to a casino bonus. This means that even within the same casino, the numbers can differ depending on the specific offer. It is essential to carefully read the Terms & Conditions of all bonuses and promotions to ensure a clear understanding of how to make the most of them.

Wagering requirements are attached to these offers because they help mitigate the risks that casinos face when providing players with the opportunity to potentially win big. Every free spin a player receives translates into a loss for the casino, and online gambling is ultimately a business like any other. However, the stakes in this industry are exceptionally high, as players have the chance to win substantial amounts, and consecutive wins can put an ill-prepared casino at risk.

Therefore, wagering requirements assist casinos in maintaining a healthy balance. The company can offer enticing promotions that attract players, while still ensuring a reasonable profit through the repeated bets required to fulfill the wagering requirements.

For regular players who spend a significant amount of time on these sites, a bonus remains a valuable opportunity, regardless of the attached wagering requirements. However, it is worth acknowledging that such offers can motivate people to play more aggressively in order to fully capitalize on the deal.

Offers with wagering requirements are primarily utilized to:

  • Attract new players
  • Commemorate holidays
  • Enhance customer loyalty through exclusive bonuses
  • Introduce new games

In essence, the practice of implementing wagering requirements in online casinos aims to dispel the myth that one can become an instant millionaire through a single small bet. While there are documented instances of extraordinary wins, they are exceedingly rare. Most players should approach online gambling as a form of entertainment that offers the potential for financial rewards. When viewed in this light, wagering requirements are not part of a “grand conspiracy” but rather a necessity of the business. Trusted providers ensure that they do not detract from the enjoyment of the game.

Online casinos without wagering requirements take on greater risks, which often leads to fewer rewarding offers. They might also employ other methods to motivate players to invest more time and money into gambling. For example, the no-wagering rule might only apply to limited bonuses or specific games, and the player might need to fulfill certain special requirements set by the casino to qualify for the bonus.

All these specific details should be clearly explained in the Terms & Conditions of the offer.

Casino Bonuses With No Wagering

Now that you have an understanding of what “no wagering” entails, let’s explore some casino offers that feature these promotions.

PlayOJO Casino: At PlayOJO Casino, you can enjoy up to 80 free spins without any wagering requirements. Here are the details of this offer:

  • For every £1 you deposit, you receive one free spin.
  • An additional 30 spins are awarded after making your first deposit, which should be a minimum of £10.
  • Obtain 30 more spins by visiting the Kicker section on their website.
  • The game you will play with these spins is Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead.
  • The spins are locked at a value of £0.10.

BGO Casino: At BGO Casino, you can receive 10 free spins without even making a deposit, along with an additional 100 spins upon your first deposit. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The first ten spins are available upon registration and verification on your mobile device.
  • A minimum deposit of £10 is required to receive the additional 100 spins.
  • There is a 2.5% fee that applies alongside the £10 deposit, with a minimum fee of £0.50.
  • You have the flexibility to withdraw your money at any point, but the 2.5% fee will be applied.
  • It’s important to note that not all slot machines can be played using these free spins.

These offers provide you with the opportunity to enjoy free spins without the need to fulfill any wagering requirements. Remember to review the terms and conditions of each offer for further details.

Are These Requirements a Bane to all Customers, and Should Be Avoided at All Times?

Although it is technically possible to circumvent these restrictions, doing so would mean missing out on a significant opportunity – casino bonuses. Yes, these bonuses can impose limitations on players’ gameplay and withdrawals, causing some to experience stressful situations. However, it is important to recognize the positive aspects of wagering requirements (WR). These requirements are implemented to ensure compliance with the law, particularly in relation to anti-money laundering regulations. Without these safeguards in place, criminals could easily deposit illicit funds into casino accounts and swiftly withdraw them. While WR can be challenging and restrictive for casino players, it is worth noting that there are strategies to navigate these requirements and turn them to your advantage. Here are some approaches to master WR and harness their potential to work in your favor.


Now that you have the knowledge of where to find no wagering casinos and understand the concept of wagering requirements, the decision is yours to make.

Being well-informed on these matters will help you avoid any potential issues or situations that may be difficult to reverse. For instance, imagine depositing €100 into a casino without realizing that it automatically activates a 100% first deposit bonus. You might either be fortunate enough to meet the requirements and request a payout, or you could end up losing it all, when your intention was to only spend half of it. Perhaps you made a larger deposit to avoid fees associated with smaller amounts.

Remember to always gamble with amounts that you can afford to lose, avoid gambling under the influence of substances, and most importantly, strive to enjoy the experience to the fullest!