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Live online roulette is a popular and exciting casino game that has evolved with the advancements in technology and the growing popularity of online gambling. Unlike traditional online roulette, live roulette offers players a more immersive and interactive gaming experience by simulating a real-life casino atmosphere.

When you play live online roulette, you will find a different layout and design compared to standard online versions. This is because live roulette is streamed in real-time from a studio or an actual casino floor with a live dealer handling the game. The game is played with real wheels and real roulette balls, making it feel more authentic and trustworthy for players who prefer a more tangible experience.

Here’s how live online roulette typically works:

  • Live Streaming: The live dealer and the roulette wheel are broadcasted through high-quality video streaming. Players can watch the wheel spinning and the ball bouncing in real time.
  • Betting Interface: Beneath or around the live video stream, you’ll find the digital betting interface. This is where players place their bets by selecting the chips of their desired denominations and placing them on the virtual betting table.
  • Interaction: Live online roulette allows for interaction between players and the dealer. You can communicate with the dealer through a chat function, and the dealer will respond verbally or through the chat as well.
  • Betting Time Limit: Just like in a physical casino, there is a betting time limit during which you must place your bets before the dealer spins the wheel.
  • Game Variants: Live online casinos often offer various roulette variants, such as European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette, each with slightly different rules and odds.
  • Real Money Play: To play live online roulette, you need to have a real-money account at the casino. You can fund your account using various payment methods supported by the casino.
  • Fairness and Trust: Reputable online casinos use advanced technology to ensure fairness in live roulette games. The live dealers are professionally trained, and the game results are determined by genuine roulette wheels and not by computer algorithms.

Live online roulette provides an excellent blend of convenience and realism, allowing players to enjoy the excitement of a brick-and-mortar casino from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go through mobile devices. The social aspect of interacting with the live dealer and other players adds to the overall thrill of the game.

However, it’s important to remember that gambling should always be done responsibly, and players should set limits on their betting and gaming activities. If you’re new to live online roulette, take the time to understand the rules and betting options before placing real-money bets. This way, you can fully enjoy the thrilling experience that live roulette has to offer. Good luck and have fun!

What is Live Roulette?

In live roulette, players have the opportunity to participate in a virtual casino setting that closely replicates the ambiance of a physical brick-and-mortar casino. To achieve this, casino software providers maintain dedicated studios equipped with authentic casino tables, professional dealers, and other typical casino elements. From these remote studios, the casino action is streamed in real-time using cameras, directly to players’ devices, ranging from desktop computers to mobile gadgets.

In a live roulette game, a charismatic and engaging dealer oversees the proceedings and assists players in placing their bets, adding to the immersive experience. The live streaming aspect ensures that players can witness the roulette wheel spinning and the ball landing in real time, creating a sense of trustworthiness and excitement as if they were physically present in a casino.

How Do I Play Live Roulette?

The live version of roulette retains the standard design with some variations depending on the game’s provider or supplier. To begin playing, players need to place their wagers on various types of bets, such as straight-up bets (selecting a single number), combinations of preferred numbers, numbers from 1 to 36, or choosing between red and black. Once the bets are placed, the dealer spins the roulette wheel in one direction and releases a ball along the wheel’s edge, causing it to move in the opposite direction. The excitement builds as the ball starts rolling, and it reaches its peak as the ball comes to rest on a specific number. The slot where the ball lands is declared the winning number for that round.

In the live version, there are several types of bets that can be placed on the inner field, where the numbers range from 0 to 36. Players have the option to choose from five popular betting types:

  • Straight: This is the simplest bet where players select a single number and place their chips directly on that number.
  • Street of Three Line: In this bet, players place their chips on three numbers that form a horizontal line.
  • Six Line: The chips are placed on six adjacent numbers, covering two horizontal lines.
  • Split: With this bet, players place their chips on the line between two adjacent numbers or boxes.
  • Corner: When making this bet, players wager on four numbers, and the chip is placed on the cross where these numbers meet.

Each of these betting options offers different odds and potential payouts, allowing players to choose their preferred level of risk and potential rewards.

The diverse betting choices and the thrill of watching the wheel spin and the ball find its winning number make live roulette an exciting and engaging casino game for players looking for a more interactive and realistic experience.

Outside Bets

When playing live roulette, you have the option to place five types of outside bets, each offering different betting possibilities:

  1. Dozen Bet: This bet covers 12 numbers and is arranged in three consecutive rows. You can place your chip on the first 12, the second 12, or the third 12 to make this bet.
  2. Column Bet: With this bet, you place your wager on a vertical column of numbers. You can choose to bet on the right, middle, or left column.
  3. Low or High Bet: This bet involves predicting whether the ball will land on numbers 1 to 18 (low) or 19 to 36 (high).
  4. Odd or Even: In this bet, you predict whether the ball will land on an odd or even number.
  5. Red or Black: Here, you simply bet on the color of the winning number, either red or black.

In addition to the various betting options, playing live roulette offers you the opportunity to explore different game variants. The two most popular versions of live roulette online are American Roulette and European Roulette. While there might be minor differences in gameplay between the two, both types of roulette follow the same fundamental principles of the game.

Playing live roulette not only provides an immersive gaming experience but also allows you to enjoy the diversity of roulette games, enhancing your overall enjoyment and excitement while trying your luck at this classic casino favorite.

Where Can I Play Live Roulette?

Today, leading casinos offer live roulette games that are fully regulated and approved by relevant regulatory commissions. To discover the best casinos offering live online roulette, it’s recommended to refer to listings of top-rated casino reviews. These websites provide comprehensive and reliable evaluations of casinos, including information on their standard casino services and features. Among the top casinos that currently excel in providing live online roulette experiences are Coral Casino, 888 Casino, Betfred Casino, and 7Red Casino. These establishments have earned high ratings for their exceptional live gaming offerings, ensuring players a secure and enjoyable roulette experience.

Top 3 Online Casinos that offer Live Roulette


Bonus: Welcome Bonus package worth up to €1,500 + 100 Bonus spins. 18+. New Players only.

Min. Deposit: €20

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Min. Deposit: £10

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Cashable: Yes

How Do I Win on Live Roulette?

Both experienced and novice roulette players have access to various strategies and systems to enhance their gameplay, such as the Martingale and Paroli systems. In the Martingale strategy, players are advised to double their bets after a loss, while the Paroli strategy involves increasing the wager after a win. While these strategies cannot guarantee consistent wins, they can serve as valuable guides. Trying out demo games, some of which are available on this website, is a wise approach. With free demos, players can experiment with different strategies and determine which ones work best for them.

For those interested in exploring more advanced roulette systems and strategies that could potentially increase their chances of winning this exciting game, there is a two-part series available to read below. This series covers strategies like D’Alembert, Martingale, Fibonacci, and many others, offering valuable insights to improve one’s roulette skills and tactics.

  1. Online Roulette Systems and Strategies – Part 1: Know Your Chances of Winning
  2. Online Roulette Systems and Strategies – Part 2: Increase Your Chances of Winning

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