AI in an Online Casino to Become Reality with 888 Casino’s New Platform
Posted in Industry July 16, 2018

AI in an Online Casino to Become Reality with 888 Casino’s New Platform

Online since 1997, 888 Casino is one of the most popular and trustworthy casinos in the online gambling industry. Despite facing challenges in 2017 with Brexit affecting their stocks, the casino managed to grow their revenues by 4%. This year, they are set to launch a new AI-powered platform, making them a pioneer in the use of machine learning in online casinos.

What to Expect from 888 Casino’s New Platform?

There are two important things to know about the upcoming platform from 888 Casino. Firstly, it is a premium-quality product, as expected from the renowned brand. Secondly, it is specifically developed to promote the growth of 888 Casino’s business vertical. While the casino showed a modest revenue growth in 2017, it aims to be more competitive in the industry.

The new platform, being an in-house product, is expected to be of high quality and user-friendly. It is tailored to the needs of current players, with extensive use of data collected over the years. Additionally, with the integration of AI and machine learning, the platform will continuously improve based on user behavior and preferences.

However, the exact features of the new platform are currently unknown, leaving enthusiasts curious about what an AI-powered online casino platform will offer.

What’s the Deal with AI in Online Gambling Today?

The use of Artificial Intelligence in online gambling has received mixed reactions. Some players are concerned that AI will predict and control their behavior, making winning nearly impossible. However, AI solutions offer benefits to operators by detecting cheating patterns and analyzing player data to enhance the user experience.

With regards to the specific capabilities of 888 Casino’s AI-powered platform, details are still unclear. However, it is expected that predictive analytics will be used to enhance gambling safety and provide a more personalized experience. Despite the ongoing controversy and anxiety surrounding AI, the practical benefits it brings should not be overshadowed by fictional horror stories.

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