Mansion and Bournemouth AFC Partnership
Posted in Industry July 14, 2019

Analysis: What Makes You Choose a Particular Online Casino?

When it comes to the gambling industry, advertising is often a topic of discussion. Recently, there has been controversy surrounding the number of betting ads shown during Premier League football games on TV. However, advertisements are not the only factor that influences our choice of online casino. Many casinos don’t advertise on television at all.

So, how do we choose an online casino? What pushes us towards a particular brand? It’s a complex question with no single answer. In fact, many of us have been with the same operator for years and may have forgotten why we chose it in the first place.

Mansion Bournemouth AFC Partnership

Marketing Creates Associations

Marketing certainly plays a role. For example, Mansion, the group behind, has been the official betting partner of Premier League club Bournemouth AFC for five consecutive seasons. While not all Bournemouth fans will be attracted to Mansion products simply because of the logo on the team shirts, the association does create awareness among casino players. When these players come across a Mansion casino while looking for a new site to join, the Bournemouth partnership might come to mind.

Bonuses also play a significant role in attracting players to sign up. In fact, they are often the deciding factor once a player has landed on a casino site. Experienced players not only consider the size of the bonus but also evaluate its value in terms of wagering requirements, maximum win caps, and other factors. It is also important that these bonuses align with their gaming preferences. For example, some players may prefer bonus chips for live dealer tables over free spins for slots.

Reviews Provide Insights, but Proceed with Caution

Casino reviews, particularly comprehensive ones, can provide a wealth of information and help you make an informed choice. However, it’s crucial to ensure that these reviews are unbiased and do not exaggerate the product’s features. Player testimonials can also be useful, but they should be taken with a grain of salt. People are more likely to express grievances rather than positive experiences, so a few negative comments should not be a major concern. Experienced players are often able to weigh negative player comments against the overall reputation of the casino.

The design and navigation of the casino site itself can be the final deciding factor. There is ample evidence that an attractive design, smooth functionality, and user-friendly navigation encourage players to join. On the other hand, if the site is difficult to navigate or lacks visual appeal, players may look elsewhere.

In the end, our choice of an online casino is influenced by a combination of factors. We may be initially attracted by an advertisement or enticed by a review, but we must also consider other factors once we land on the site. Are the games of good quality? Does the bonus meet our expectations? Is the site easy to use and visually attractive? These are all important questions to consider when making a decision. With so many online casinos available, conducting research can help you find the right one for you.

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