Are Gamified Online Casinos Part of the Future?
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Are Gamified Online Casinos Part of the Future?

Gamification, which is the use of game elements in non-game contexts, has become popular in various industries, including education. But how does it apply to online casinos, where people go for entertainment and the chance to win money? Let’s explore how online casinos have successfully incorporated gamification and received positive feedback from players.

When it comes to managing your budget in online gambling, there is no need for gamification. Players can easily calculate the amount of money they have spent using simple numbers.

Best Gamification Features

Now let’s discuss the aspects of online casinos that could benefit from gamification.

Progress Bar

Loyalty bonuses are familiar to those who engage in real money gambling. These bonuses are typically awarded after reaching a certain spending threshold or after a period of active gambling at a specific casino. However, it can be easy to overlook the availability of these bonuses. Progress bars are a great way to track your progress toward the next level and receive perks like free spins or cash prizes when you level up. This adds excitement and motivation for players to reach the next level.

Experience Points

Similar to progress bars, experience points also involve reaching milestones to earn rewards. While it may seem like a simplified version of progress bars, some players prefer the experience points system over the level-up system.


Leaderboards are a classic gamification feature that works well in any online entertainment business, including gambling. Competitive players can strive to reach the top of the leaderboard, earning satisfaction, as well as generous prizes and bonuses. Leaderboards can be daily, event-specific, or long-term to recognize top players.

In-game Currency & Shops

In-game currencies, similar to experience points, provide players with a way to purchase special items or bonuses within the casino. Some online casinos allow players to purchase in-game currency with real cash, simplifying the conversion process and enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Online casinos often offer the option to create avatars to add a personal touch to the gaming experience. This is especially popular among poker players who can sit at the table and play against each other. Combining avatars with leaderboards allows players to showcase their chosen avatar and use in-game currency to unlock premium features for customization.

Map Completion

Some advanced online casinos provide virtual tours of their unique gaming worlds, complete with various games and challenges. Players can receive tasks that require them to play specific games or complete certain objectives. This not only promotes new games but also rewards players for their progress.

Player vs Player

While most online casino games involve players interacting with the game itself, there is a growing interest in player vs player (PvP) experiences. Online casinos are exploring ways to allow players to go through virtual tours together or engage in simultaneous gameplay. This trend is expected to become more common in the near future.

Casumo Casino is an example of a leading brand that incorporates gamification in their platform. Check out their “Casino Adventures” to see their innovative approach.

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