Become a VIP at Online Casinos to Cash in On Exclusive Bonus Offers
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Become a VIP at Online Casinos to Cash in On Exclusive Bonus Offers

Just mention the words ‘exclusive bonus offers’ and a ‘VIP casino experience’, and you will definitely get the attention and excited glances of casino players and enthusiasts. And who would not pay attention to these pronouncements; in the casino industry, a VIP status is something that is valued and considered premium. And not everyone can be considered a casino VIP, and someone who can enjoy the exclusive perks that come with the tag. Just what exactly is a ‘casino VIP player’, and what are the exclusive bonus offers and perks that come with the position that makes it an elusive and highly-sought after credential?

What to Expect from a VIP Program, and Why Players are on a Mad Scramble to Join One?

Different casinos will have their own programs and schemes to reward their most important and special players. The names are varied, from VIP Club, High Roller Club to Loyalty Club, and the tiers and benefits are varied. While they may vary in the names, point systems, and tier levels, all these refer to one critical currency in online casino gaming – exclusivity. These clubs are in place to primarily reward the most important players of the casinos, those who are considered as high-rollers, frequent depositors or those who simply love the casino action online. If you become a VIP at an online casino, then you become an esteemed player, one who has access to exclusive bonus offers. In short, a casino player gets to access the most exclusive and profitable casino offers if he becomes a VIP member of a specific online casino. Some of the popular exclusive benefits that a VIP member gets include:

Comp points system. Most casinos that offer a VIP scheme provide VIP members with a comp points system, where specific wagers earn a point. For example, for every $10 wagered, a player earns 1 point. And once the points have reached a threshold, say 1,000 points, then this can be exchanged for playing cash.

Dedicated customer support. Members of the VIP program are assigned dedicated support specialists who can provide assistance at any time.

Faster withdrawals. Although this is not exactly a monetary bonus, express withdrawals are like manna from heaven for players. With this policy, they no longer need to wait for days just for the request to be cleared.

Invitation to exclusive events and competitions. Some casinos host exclusive events and tournaments, and VIP members are guaranteed sure invites for these events.

Cash back offers. Depending on the casino or tier levels, VIP players can earn a cashback bonus of 5-percent to 30-percent.

Free play on certain slot games. Some casinos offer players the opportunity to sample their ‘Slots of the Week’, and they are rewarded with Free spins.

Birthday bonus or anniversary bonus. Special bonuses are given to players who celebrate their birthdays, or their anniversaries on the site.

The list of exclusive casino VIP bonuses is long, and the kind of bonuses you earn will depend on the casino and your tier. What’s important here is that you need to first become a member of the VIP scheme before you can gain access to casino exclusives, from casino bonuses to services. The more you play at your preferred casino, the higher the chances you will become a VIP with access to exclusive casino offers.

So How do You Become a VIP?

In some casinos, all depositing members are automatically included in the roll. The more you play (and deposit) in these casinos, the higher the chance they earn points, move from different tiers and take aim at exclusive bonuses. There are operators on the other hand that require players to meet a certain threshold, often a specific amount that has been deposited. For these casino operators, a player should have deposited at least $5,000 or have wagered a set amount before they can be considered for membership in the club. These casinos will often create VIP tiers, and membership in the tier is dependent on the total amount wagered by the player. For example, a player who has already wagered $1 to $5,000 is accepted by default in the lowest tier.

And there are those casinos that work ‘by-invitation only’. This means that the casino operator reserves the right to accommodate a player to the VIP club if it sees fit that a player is worthy, a high roller or both. If you think that you should belong to the club, you may need to contact their customer support to gain admission. Understanding how the VIP system works is critical for any serious and dedicated casino player – a membership in a VIP scheme is your ticket to exclusive bonus offers and a memorable playing experience!

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