BGO Casino Fined £300,000 for ‘Misleading Advertising’
Posted in Industry May 15, 2017

BGO Casino Fined £300,000 for ‘Misleading Advertising’: Is It Just the Beginning?

BGO Casino, a popular European gambling portal known for its instant play games and variety of bonuses, has recently been fined £300,000 by the UK Gambling Commission for misleading advertising. This is the first time an online casino has been punished for this offense, but it may not be the last.

BGO Casino has a history of receiving notices from the UK Gambling Commission regarding their promotion practices. Despite the warnings, the operator failed to make the necessary changes to comply with the License Conditions and Codes of Practice. The investigation into BGO Casino’s advertising practices began in September 2016, and it was determined that their current ads were misleading in regards to the terms of their bonuses.

The fine itself is not a devastating loss for BGO Entertainment Limited, the owner of BGO Casino, as they are a leading business in the European online gambling industry. However, the real concern for the company is the potential review of their UK license. Losing this license would have a significant impact, as the UK gambling market is substantial and continuously growing.

For now, BGO Casino has only received a warning from the UK Gambling Commission. However, failure to change their advertising practices or make any other missteps could result in the loss of their UK license. The Commission will closely monitor BGO Casino, and the casino must abide by all regulations, including implementing changes to their advertising.

The recent review of BGO Casino is evidence of the UK Gambling Commission’s commitment to ensuring fair and honest gambling advertising. It remains to be seen whether BGO Casino is an example or the first in a series of fines and penalties that could reshape the UK gambling industry.

Other operators should take note of this situation and carefully review ASA’s gambling advertising regulations to avoid potential penalties. While changing marketing campaigns may be costly, the consequences of leaving the UK market would be even greater.

In the future, advertisements for bonuses and promotions in the UK gambling industry are likely to include explicit details of all restrictions and limitations. While this may make the offers less attractive, it benefits the players by providing a more honest approach.

As for BGO Casino, the current fine does not affect its operations or restrict its business in any way. However, the warning and review will undoubtedly place the BGO team under significant stress. The hope is that the situation will be resolved, allowing BGO Casino to continue providing entertainment to UK players for years to come.

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