Brexit Hits 888 Holdings - Possible Relocation and What it Means for Players
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Brexit Hits 888 Holdings – Possible Relocation and What it Means for Players

For over 20 years, 888 Holdings has been a highly respected and successful British gambling operator. Today, is a leading online gambling platform catering to players of all types. However, the company is now considering relocating from the UK due to the effects of Brexit.

While the move is not yet confirmed, there is still a lot of uncertainty around Britain’s exit from the European Union and the legalities involved. Currently, the 888 Holdings headquarters is in Gibraltar, which is a UK territory. Any political changes in Britain also impact the company.

Since primarily focuses on EU players, the unclear state of Britain’s relations with other Union nations is a major concern. The Gibraltar license held by 888 Casino allows the operator certain freedoms within EU countries. Brexit could potentially invalidate this license and jeopardize the company’s legal status in many countries.

Given the company’s strong European presence, this is a significant issue. If licensing problems arise, 888 Holdings may lose a large portion of its player base, even with its reputable brand.

Potential Relocation to Malta?

In light of these circumstances, relocating to an EU territory appears to be the best course of action. In a recent press release, 888 Holdings stated that they are considering moving their headquarters to Malta and applying for a license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

The company expressed concerns in its statement about the global economic impact of Brexit. Such a significant change destabilizes one of the core principles associated with the EU – stability. The full consequences of this move are uncertain.

According to the 2016 revenue report, 888 Holdings managed to grow by 13% despite currency instability in the online gambling industry. However, the company has doubts about its ability to maintain operational status if Britain is no longer an EU member. Relocating to Malta provides a favorable alternative and ensures stability for the gambling portal.

888 Casino and 888 Poker are highly reputable websites in their respective fields. The gambling operator is associated with excellent service, fast payouts, and a vast collection of games. The fact that they are considering a change in primary registration before any issues arise is a testament to their business sense. It is hoped that any necessary changes will be carried out smoothly, ensuring a seamless experience for players.

888 Poker Offers a Chance to Win $10+ Million in WSOP

The 48th edition of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is about to begin, and players worldwide are preparing for the tournaments. Despite the political issues surrounding Brexit, 888 Poker demonstrates its ability to provide players with excellent opportunities.

The recent announcement of a $10 million prize for the main WSOP event reinforces the bright future of 888 Holdings. WSOP is one of the most prestigious poker series globally, running for almost half a century. Players have the chance to qualify for the grand finale in Las Vegas with the first prize exceeding $10 million.

This exciting prospect is expected to attract more players to Qualifying through the website automatically grants players a $12,500 package covering the buy-in for the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas along with travel expenses and accommodation. In 2016, a player from 888 Poker made it to the WSOP Main Event top 10, winning $1 million. Now, every player has the opportunity to replicate or surpass that success.

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Lastly, if you’re unsure about your ability or winning strategies, be sure to read this informative post!

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