The Emoji Movie Failed - Will Emoji Slots Follow Suit?
Posted in Game Reviews, Industry, New Games September 2, 2017

The Emoji Movie Failed – Will Emoji Slots Follow Suit?

The Emoji Movie, released on July 23rd, brought attention to emoticons, which are a significant part of modern culture. This inspired two leading online gambling software developers, NetEnt and Microgaming, to create two exciting new slots games: EmojiPlanet and EmotiCoins. However, with the movie receiving negative attention, there are concerns about whether these slots will also fail to meet expectations.

Despite this, both Microgaming and NetEnt are well-known for releasing top-quality games, so there is no doubt that their emoji-themed slots will be visually appealing, fun, and engaging. These games will undoubtedly attract attention simply because they are the latest releases from these renowned developers.

However, the success of these projects often relies on attracting movie fans. With The Emoji Movie receiving criticism, online slots based on it may face a disadvantage.

Microgaming EmotiCoins – Inspired by 21st Century Communication

Interestingly, Microgaming’s EmotiCoins slot does not claim any connection to The Emoji Movie, similar to other online gambling developers who have not used the movie’s franchise. The game originated from an idea brought forth by two Microgaming employees during the company’s Idea Factory of 2016. After receiving immediate approval and support, the development of EmotiCoins began, and it is now making an impression on online slots fans.

The creators of EmotiCoins emphasized the importance of emoji in the modern world, and it’s undeniable that these symbols are prevalent in today’s culture. They are used in various contexts, from commercials to personal posts and messages. In fact, some surveys show that including an emoji in a Facebook post preview can increase likes by 57%.

Unlike the film adaptation of emoticons’ adventures, an online slot featuring beloved symbols cannot be heavily criticized for its storyline. Instead, the most important aspects of such games are the chances to win, bonuses, graphics, and soundtrack. EmotiCoins, one of Microgaming’s finest works, offers a classic 30-payline, 5-reel slot experience with high-quality graphics and an enjoyable soundtrack.

The game includes two original Wild features: Wild Stickers and Wild Blast. Wild Stickers triggers 10 Free Spins when 3 scatters appear, while Wild Blast awards 5 Wilds and can be triggered on any spin. Overall, EmotiCoins is a beautiful and entertaining online slot that is sure to be loved by players.

NetEnt EmojiPlanet – New Generation of Online Slots

EmojiPlanet, created by NetEnt, is another innovative online slot with unique features. Unlike traditional slots, this game has 6 reels and 5 rows. It also utilizes the Cluster Pay system introduced in the Aloha! slot, which increases the chances of winning by using clusters of symbols instead of traditional paylines. Additionally, EmojiPlanet includes the Avalanche feature, where winning symbols are replaced by falling smiley faces, boosting potential winnings.

To enhance the fun, NetEnt introduced five different types of emoji meters in the game. Players have multiple opportunities to reach the maximum level on each symbol, offering additional chances to win.

NetEnt’s EmojiPlanet is available exclusively at Mr Green Casino. Players can enjoy this new generation of online slots with its unique features and exciting gameplay.

Will Emoji Online Slots Suffer the Same Fate as The Emoji Movie?

While it is challenging to predict the level of success for online slots, it is evident that these games will likely have more fans than the movie. Emoticons are a cultural phenomenon, with an estimated 92% of the world population using them in some form. Coupled with the exceptional quality of both EmojiPlanet and EmotiCoins, it is safe to say that emoji online slots will enjoy a fair measure of success. So, why not try them out for yourself?

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