Evolution Gaming Boosting Top Live Gambling Developer Status with Doubled Profits
Posted in Industry August 25, 2017

Evolution Gaming Boosting Top Live Gambling Developer Status with Doubled Profits

Evolution Gaming, the leading live gambling developer launched in 2006, has once again reaffirmed its status in the industry by winning the Live Casino Supplier of the Year title for the eighth consecutive year. The company’s latest revenue report shows that they have almost doubled their profits compared to the same quarter in 2016.

Evolution Gaming Q2 Report – How Much Does the Top Live Gambling Developer Make?

In their Q2 interim report, Evolution Gaming reveals impressive numbers. In 2016, their operating revenue for the same period was 27.1 million EUR. However, in the second quarter of 2017, their revenue jumped to 42.3 million EUR, marking a 56% increase. Their profit during this period also surged from 7.6 to 14.6 million EUR.

Evolution Gaming’s success is even more remarkable considering the challenges faced by the gambling industry, such as changes in legislation and overall economic instability. Despite these obstacles, the company continues to show steady profit growth.

Earlier this summer, Evolution Gaming moved to the Nasdaq Stockholm from Sweden’s First North stock market, which was seen as a natural progression for a company with substantial capital. With their continuous growth and sound business decisions, Evolution Gaming sets the standard for the top live gambling developer in the industry.

Evolution Gaming – Plans for Future Development

Martin Carlesund, the CEO of Evolution Gaming, stated that the demand for their Live Casino services continues to grow. The company has been launching new tables and dedicated environments at a rapid pace. One of their successful innovations is Dream Catcher, a Live Casino game that appeals to a wider audience beyond traditional table games.

Evolution Gaming recognizes the need for new and extraordinary games in the 21st century world where players seek original interactive entertainment. The company remains committed to developing games that stand out from the competition.

As part of their expansion strategy, Evolution Gaming has signed a deal with the Nederlandse Loterij from the Netherlands, gaining access to one of the most profitable European gambling markets. Additionally, the company continues to be the top live gambling developer for land-based casinos, providing technologies that integrate online casinos into their functionality.

Evolution Gaming to Open a New Studio in Tbilisi by 2018

To support their growing portfolio of games and accommodate new creations, Evolution Gaming requires state-of-the-art studios for live video streaming. They currently have seven studios, including two central studios that are the largest and fully independent.

The company plans to open a new studio in Tbilisi, Georgia in early 2018. This expansion will allow them to reach the East, while their Canadian studio, set to launch at the end of 2017, will cover the West, particularly North America.

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