Expect a Casino Gaming Revolution Thanks to New Technologies
Posted in Industry October 20, 2019

Expect a Casino Gaming Revolution Thanks to New Technologies

The sports betting industry has been at the forefront of innovation in terms of products, betting services, and overall player experience. While betting platforms have introduced features like live streaming and in-play betting, online casinos have been slow to catch up. Even when leading online casino operators like LeoVegas and Videoslots introduced new features like split-screen gaming, some industry observers were not impressed. This lack of innovation in online casinos can be attributed to a few factors including the lack of improved game types and compliance concerns. Compliance procedures can be time-consuming and costly for operators, which hinders their ability to innovate. Additionally, online casinos are facing competition from other forms of entertainment like streaming services. To remain competitive, operators are changing their marketing strategies and focusing on mass market appeal. Despite these challenges, industry observers believe that online casinos have the potential to innovate in the coming months.

Compliance and Game Issues Haunt Online Casinos

Online casinos face challenges in terms of compliance requirements and game quality. Benedict McDonagh, MD of Green Jade Games, explains that the lack of improved game types can deter players, even if the marketing is good. Compliance concerns also burden casino operators, making it difficult for them to innovate. Sports betting platforms don’t face the same level of compliance requirements and are known for providing a seamless customer experience. Online casinos are also competing with other forms of entertainment like streaming services, which adds to the challenge of keeping players engaged.

How Online Casinos Will Innovate in the Next Few Months

Despite the challenges, industry experts are hopeful about the future of online casinos. They predict that challenger banks like Revolut will simplify the sign-up and verification process for players. Operators are also investing in technology that can help predict players’ gaming preferences. For example, 888 Casino’s Orbit platform uses a machine-learning algorithm to deliver personalized gaming content to players. This helps players navigate through the vast selection of games available. Personalized messaging and real-time communications are also being used to engage players and identify risky behaviors. Operators are also looking to incorporate social features into their casinos to enhance the user experience. Communal games, where players can team up to compete for jackpots, are also becoming popular in online casinos. With these innovations, online casinos aim to improve the overall player experience and stay competitive.

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