Posted in Industry May 29, 2020

Increase of Roulette Search Terms During COVID-19

Online roulette has experienced a surge in popularity as the UK lockdown leads to an increase in key search terms. Recent research reveals that Google searches for ‘online roulette’ and ‘how to play roulette online’ have risen by 253% and 227% respectively.

Analysis of web analytics data and Google Search Trends shows that as Brits were confined to their homes during the lockdown, many turned to online roulette as a way to pass the time. With physical casinos closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, those who enjoy slot machines, roulette, and card games have migrated to online casinos.

This shift to online casino games like roulette and poker has been quick and widespread, according to an industry insider. The absence of sports betting due to the pandemic has motivated sports betting enthusiasts to explore new sources of entertainment.

The study conducted by GGPoker, an online roulette network, indicates that in the month following the UK lockdown, searches for ‘online roulette’ increased by 253% month-on-month. Additionally, searches for ‘online roulette real money’ saw a 235% increase.

Queries such as ‘how to play online roulette’ and ‘online roulette best practices’ also experienced significant growth, rising by 205% and 143% respectively. Searches for ‘online roulette rules’ increased by 93%, while ‘roulette inside bets’ saw a 170% climb.

New players are also curious about roulette odds. The top four types of roulette bets that attracted increased searches are ‘Straight up’ (47%), ‘Dozens bet’ (106%), ‘Street bet’ (67%), and ‘High or low bet’ (53%). GGPoker’s own data shows a 93% increase in interest in online roulette, resulting in a 103% increase in new players on its UK website.

Jean-Christophe Antoine, head of the GGRoulette Network, acknowledges the surge in interest in online roulette during these challenging times. He expects the engagement with online roulette to continue rising as people search for ways to pass the time and relax. Antoine looks forward to witnessing the market evolve as both new and experienced players refine and adapt their online skills.

However, as lockdown measures gradually decrease, the interest in online roulette is starting to decline. The initial influx of online roulette traffic and new players has been beneficial for roulette websites and networks.

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