Industry-First Card for Withdrawals by Betsson
Posted in Industry April 3, 2019

Industry-First Card for Withdrawals by Betsson

Withdrawing money from a casino can often be a complicated process, especially if it’s your first time receiving a payment. Even if you’ve chosen a popular and secure casino, issues can still arise.

The most common problem is when your money gets stuck in a pending status. It’s difficult to know why this happens unless the casino contacts you or vice versa. While there’s always a waiting period before funds reach your eWallets, banks, or cards, if the wait is longer than expected, it’s best to contact the casino.

Fortunately, where there’s a problem, there’s also a solution. In this case, Betsson and EML have teamed up to address this particular issue.


EML Payments Limited is a successful prepaid payment service provider operating across Europe, North America, and Australia. They offer various payment solutions, including physical, visual, and mobile pay cards.

Their latest collaboration with Betsson may revolutionize the online gambling industry. As technology advances, everything, including money, is becoming digital. However, the desire to see and feel physical money remains. Research has shown that people value money more when they can physically interact with it.


Betsson, founded in 2001, has established itself as a top player in the online gambling industry. As a subsidiary of Swedish Betsson AB, one of the largest gaming groups globally, Betsson has provided entertainment for over 50 years.

While some may argue that its success is due to its affiliation with a well-established company, the number of failed attempts by major corporations to penetrate the online gambling industry proves otherwise. Betsson deserves recognition for its achievements.

The Card

Now, let’s focus on the card itself. This collaboration between Betsson and EML allows gamblers to withdraw money from their accounts in cash in real-time using a MasterCard. Despite some criticism, this card is an optional feature and does not force users to change their gambling habits. It caters to those who find withdrawing cash to a card and having physical money the most convenient option.

Peter Zall, the Chief Strategy Officer at Betsson, believes the Swedish market needs new casino payment options. We believe the same applies globally. While cryptocurrencies have made significant strides, many people are still unfamiliar with them. Sticking with traditional payment methods that people of all ages are comfortable with seems like a reasonable approach.

The upcoming card promises instant withdrawals, without considering pending times. Unlike other methods that claim to be instant but still have delays, EML’s card, designed exclusively for Betsson casino withdrawals, ensures immediate access to winnings.

While the card is yet to be released, initial reactions from reputable forums hint at excitement and anticipation.

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