Live Casino Baccarat - Learn to Play Like a VIP
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Live Casino Baccarat – Learn to Play Like a VIP

If there’s a listing of attractive and most-hyped casino games, then the game of baccarat will certainly be featured in the list. Baccarat as a card game has been featured prominently in popular, and the subject of many films, including the James Bond where the suave spy gets his satisfaction and thrill. This game has also managed to attract the most attention in many debates and conversations, with many enthusiasts saying that this game features an exciting combination of skill and chance, and others downplaying it, saying it’s all about luck. Whatever the case, baccarat has changed the casino landscape, and it’s also changing how online casino gambling is played out.

Thanks to the internet and improved technology on devices, players are now given a chance to enjoy the card game in a different platform, but in real time. Just like other classic card game, baccarat can now be played live, through a live casino experience and the use of multiple cameras to capture the action in real time.

Playing Live Casino Baccarat

Here, players can choose the device where the game can be played, provided that the device has the minimum system requirements. The game can be played using a desktop or laptop, or can be played using a smartphone running on Android or iOS. The device may be configured to allow streaming of the games, but in most cases, the software of the casino will automatically configure the settings of the device. Some online casino operators will allow you to download the software client, and once this client has been downloaded, then that’s the time the game can be played.

Live and traditional casino baccarat share the same gameplay, and the main difference is how each game is played. In this classic card game, you will need to beat the dealer (casino) by producing a hand value that is closest to 9. For this game, the casino will use eight decks of playing cards. It is important that before the start of the game, the player will first make his bet or wager on who will win the game – the Player or the Banker. Yes, it’s possible to bet on the hand of the Banker if you think that the house edge will play out, and your next hand will suffer. This is one of the simplest games to play, with basic gameplay, but it’s always best to learn the different types of bets and payout rates. The payout rates will depend on the specific casino where you will play the game.

A Look at the Basic Rules of Live Baccarat

A high-speed internet, a remote casino location and multiple tables with attractive dealers are the main resources used in streaming the game. Aside from learning about the basic resources and technologies used in this game, it’s also best to know the basic rules of the game. Just like other live table games, the play is between the player and the dealer. There will be eight decks of cards used, following a specific card value assignments.

For this game, the Ace gets the lowest value, with 1 point. Playing cards from 9 to 2 will assume their face values, for example the 9 will assume a value of ‘9’. The remaining cards from Jacks to Kings including 10s will assume a ‘0’ value. In short, you should focus your attention to the numerical value of each card, and the suit of each card is rendered useless.

Before the start of the game, you will be asked to make a bet – Player or Banker. Another option that is present in each game is the ‘Tie’ bet. Under this betting choice, you are counting on the possibility that the hand of the player and the banker will be similar. To start off the game, the dealer will deal two cards to the banker and the dealer. If the hands of both the banker and the player features the same value, the result is a ‘Tie’. If this is the case, the best for the banker and player will push, or returned. The calculation of the hand’s value will depend on the assigned value for each card. Now, if the value of the first two cards for both the player and the banker total 8 or 9, no extra cards will be drawn. But if the value of the cards is below 7, then a third card can be drawn. If the hand of the player is at 6 or 7, and the banker hand value ranges from 3 to 5, then the banker will have to draw, and a 6 means to stand. The winner is the hand that is nearest ‘9’.

Once the round has been completed and a winner has been identified, the system will then call for another game. The player will then decide on the bet, and the gameplay is repeated. There are a lot more great reading to do around Live Casino, and especially Live Baccarat. Take the chance to master this easy-to-play, and yet fun table game!

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