Live Dragon Tiger From Evolution Gaming
Posted in Game Reviews, New Games November 5, 2018

Live Dragon Tiger From Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has introduced a new table game called Dragon Tiger, combining uniqueness and fun gameplay. The development process involves creating new rules, ensuring functionality, and maintaining an attractive design. Evolution Gaming, established in 2006, signed agreements with major operators like William Hill and PartyGaming, allowing them to expand their reach outside of Latvia.

How To Play

Dragon Tiger involves playing against a live dealer located in Riga. Evolution Gaming dedicated a new section just for this game, reflecting their confidence in its popularity. The user interface is designed to be user-friendly, providing a relaxing and enjoyable gambling experience.


Here are the fundamental rules of Dragon Tiger:

  • The dealer deals two cards, one to the dragon and one to the tiger.
  • Players must choose which side will have the higher-value card.
  • The side with the highest-value card wins.
  • The king is the most valuable card, while the ace is the lowest.

The game offers an RTP of 96.72% for the dragon or tiger bets. Additionally, there are two side bets available:

  • Tie: Offers 11:1 odds when both sides have the same card value, with an RTP of 89.64%.
  • Suited Tie: Provides 50:1 odds for correctly guessing both sides’ cards’ suits, with an RTP of 86.02%.

Players can utilize the Live Casino Comparer tool to view statistics and results of previous rounds, assisting in decision-making for future bets.

Dragon Tiger VS Baccarat

Dragon Tiger bears similarities to Baccarat, another popular table casino game. In Baccarat, players choose between the player and the banker, aiming to select the winning side with 1:1 payouts.

However, there are several differences between the two games. Baccarat deals two cards initially, and certain card values are assigned specific point values. Additional rules come into play when a third card is drawn, making Baccarat more complex than Dragon Tiger.

Overall, Dragon Tiger offers a simpler gameplay experience, making it ideal for beginners or those who find the rules of Baccarat too intricate.

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