NetEnt Engage™: Another Breakthrough in Online Live Casino Experience from NetEnt
Posted in Industry July 27, 2017

NetEnt Engage™: Another Breakthrough in Online Live Casino Experience from NetEnt

Not satisfied with revolutionizing the mobile casino industry with their NetEnt Live Mobile Casino, NetEnt has now introduced NetEnt Engage™, a new promotional tool that is set to have a significant impact on the online Live casino industry. This tool allows for increased player engagement and offers endless personalization opportunities.

What is NetEnt Engage™ and its Implications for the Online Live Casino Industry

Promotions have always been a crucial aspect of the online gambling industry, but delivering rewards to Live casino players has been a challenge. With NetEnt Engage™, NetEnt has changed the game by offering a unique set of promotional features that truly engage players. This innovative system is set to redefine the entire industry, much like NetEnt Live Mobile Casino did.

Currently, NetEnt Engage™ has launched the NetEnt Live Rewards feature, which includes real-time notifications, instant rewards, and in-game notifications. This feature allows for instant rewarding of online Live casino players, which significantly boosts engagement. In comparison, the previous standard for distributing in-game rewards took approximately 72 hours.

The NetEnt Engage™ Live Rewards feature does not differentiate between Free spins, bonuses, or cash wins, delivering them all instantly. This transforms the online Live casino experience, making it truly interactive. NetEnt Engage™ also offers numerous other features that are sure to impress.

Promotions play a vital role for every online casino, and NetEnt Engage™ excites all providers due to its customizability, allowing them to brand their rewards. This feature not only boosts engagement but also enhances the casino’s identity.

How Does NetEnt Deliver an Exceptional Online Live Casino Experience?

NetEnt has been a leading industry pioneer, consistently impressing with its innovative online gambling solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation sets it apart and ensures that its products make a lasting impact.

NetEnt Mobile Live Casino, which utilizes Chroma technology, has made significant advancements in the industry. It can be seamlessly integrated into any platform, offering HD imaging, high-quality graphics, and real-time audio and stats.

This technology provides an immersive experience, allowing players to feel like they are gambling in a luxury casino. The next step to enhance this online Live casino experience is to incorporate virtual reality (VR) equipment, and NetEnt has already taken the lead by launching VR slots.

NetEnt Live Casino offers numerous remarkable features, such as the ability to switch between landscape and portrait modes and customizable 3D backgrounds, allowing gambling providers to create unique experiences. With over 7,500 hours of streaming every month, NetEnt Live Casino continues to grow in popularity. To make the experience more engaging, NetEnt offers the service in multiple languages, and the tables support different currencies.

NetEnt Engage™ adds another level of quality to this already exceptional service. Although some features are yet to be released and the number of live-streaming games is limited, NetEnt is known for continuously revolutionizing the industry in a matter of months.

With such dynamic innovation, it is impossible to predict what the next big release will bring. However, one thing is certain: NetEnt will continue creating solutions that make the casino experience accessible to everyone.

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