Pushing Mobile Casino Tech to it’s Limits - Chat Bots and Smart Watches Slots
Posted in Industry July 18, 2017

Pushing Mobile Casino Tech to it’s Limits – Chat Bots and Smart Watches Slots

Mobile casino technology is constantly improving, becoming more sophisticated and functional. Developers are finding new ways to enhance it by incorporating advancements from other areas of technology. These innovations are providing players with more opportunities to enjoy their favorite casino games. Two of the most popular advancements in mobile casino tech today are apps for smartwatches and casino chat bots.

Chat Bots – Enhancing the Availability of Mobile Casino Tech

While some governments are relaxing their gambling policies, there are others that are tightening their regulations. Mobile chat bots are giving people all over the world the chance to enjoy gambling in a fun way.

Chat bots are programs designed to help consumers by answering common questions. They operate through messenger applications like WhatsApp and Viber. Today’s chat bots are highly sophisticated and can serve as personal assistants or shopping guides.

Mobile casino chat bots operate differently. They establish a connection between a player’s messenger app and an online casino. Players can then use specific text commands or buttons on the app’s interface to activate the casino website’s functions.

These chat bots act as a casino simulator, providing players with sophisticated and attractive interfaces to enjoy. The main advantages of these solutions are their availability and convenience. Online casino chat bots that operate through popular messenger apps do not require installation, saving players from worrying about available storage space or software compatibility. As long as the messenger app is functioning properly, the casino will run smoothly.

Furthermore, these games cannot be blocked in the same way that browser apps and downloadable content can be. This means that anyone can currently enjoy online gambling using chat bots. However, there are some risks involved, as players must ensure that the app is reliable and secure. It’s also worth noting that blocking technology is advancing, and authorities may find a way to stop casino chat bots in the future.

Currently, the industry leader in casino chat bot development is Telegram. This messenger won the competition against Facebook due to its top-notch encryption and global availability. In February 2017, a representative from Telegram announced that they would be launching two types of mobile casino tech: interface bots (a Telegram bot with visualization) and chat bots (a Telegram bot connected to the platform). Both options offer secure and effective ways for players to gamble on the go.

Mobile Casino Tech of the Future – Smartwatches

Although not everyone owns a smartwatch yet, the industry is growing rapidly. Market research institute Canalys predicts that smartwatch sales will rival those of the Swiss watch market in 2017, reaching a value of $10 billion. Mobile casino tech developers are capitalizing on this trend, alongside virtual reality and live mobile casino solutions.

While no actual casino apps have been launched for smartwatches, there are already entertainment options like slots available. If players can enjoy these games for fun, it won’t be long before apps allowing players to gamble for real money are released. Slots Time!, an Apple Watch app, was launched as early as 2015, and these solutions have continued to evolve and become more entertaining.

It’s unclear why online casino software providers have not yet entered the smartwatch app market. It could be due to safety considerations, the challenge of adapting sophisticated mobile apps to a limited platform, or the rapid development of smartwatches themselves, rendering apps outdated shortly after launch. However, given the innovative nature of the iGaming industry, it’s unlikely that this hesitation will last long.

Players have the power to influence developers’ decisions. Online players have already played a major part in the development of NetEnt Live mobile casino tech, as developers listen to the feedback of their consumers. If you want to see smartwatch casinos in the future, you can start an online campaign to promote the idea. Alternatively, you can enjoy gambling at some of the best mobile casinos available today, such as QueenVegas Casino, Sir Jackpot Casino, Casumo Casino, Cashmio Casino, and many others.

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