Sports Betting Wins Big with the New Jersey Supreme Court Decision
Posted in Industry May 25, 2018

Sports Betting Wins Big with the New Jersey Supreme Court Decision

Gambling, particularly online gambling, has faced challenges in the US due to bans in many states. However, the Supreme Court of New Jersey has made a significant change for the gambling industry. The repeal of PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992) allows sports betting to flourish in New Jersey and sets an example for other states considering their own sports betting laws. This decision marks an evolution in gambling in the US, but where it will lead remains uncertain.

Saying Goodbye to PASPA and Welcoming New US Sports Betting Laws

The significance of the Supreme Court ruling is that it paves the way for sports betting nationwide and changes the perception of the industry. The court ruled that the federal ban on sports betting was unconstitutional, with a 6 to 3 vote. PASPA has hindered the growth of the sports betting industry in the US, but its repeal will revive this sector of gambling.
Some states, like Delaware and Oregon, have been able to work around PASPA’s restrictions to some extent, but true freedom in sports betting has not been granted. This has led to discontent among gamblers and sports leagues, resulting in court cases and appeals.
This legislative battle has been ongoing for years, and now there is finally hope. The Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case of Murphy vs. NCAA, which invoked the Tenth Amendment, showed a glimmer of hope. After careful consideration, the Supreme Court made the surprising decision to repeal PASPA.
The surprising nature of this ruling comes from the fact that while many believed that PASPA is unconstitutional, few expected the court to rule in favor of the pro-gambling party. But here we are.
Several states have had sports betting legislation pending for years, hopeful that this day would come. Now they have the opportunity to embrace legal sports betting and be the first to do so.
Delaware, which already has a sports betting law from 2009, seems ready to seize this opportunity. With the repeal of PASPA, Delaware’s Attorney General and Governor have announced that they will train state lottery and casino workers to make legal sports betting a reality.

Opposition to the Supreme Court’s Ruling

Despite the repeal of PASPA, opponents of gambling remain steadfast. Many criticism of the decision comes from treatment organizations and charities that focus on addressing gambling addiction.
Unfortunately, addiction remains a significant issue for gamblers, despite responsible gaming policies. The US currently faces an opioid epidemic, which highlights the prevalence of addiction in the country.
Opponents argue that the legalization of sports betting will lead to an increase in the number of people needing treatment for gambling addiction. While this is a potential concern, legalization is not a catalyst that will corrupt the nation. Gambling addiction has existed since gambling was invented, but the difference now is that people can gamble legally, which may reduce some of the associated risks.
Legal sports betting will likely be subject to responsible gaming requirements, making it safer for players. The openness and accessibility of legal sports betting may also encourage more people to seek help when needed.
Marlene Warner, President of the National Council on Problem Gambling, suggests that organizations benefiting from the new legislation contribute to fighting problem gambling using a part of their profits. While the outcome of this suggestion is unclear, it has the potential to reduce the negative stigma associated with gambling operators.
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