Swedish Player Makes History, Lands a Double Jackpot Worth €6.7 million
Posted in Winnings August 23, 2018

Swedish Player Makes History, Lands a Double Jackpot Worth €6.7 million

Earning the jackpot prize in an online casino is a rare event, one that every casino player dreams of. But earning two jackpots in a row, in the same casino, on the same day? That seems like something out of a dream, but it actually happened to a Swedish player who signed up for an account at Lets Bet Casino. Immediately after signing up, the player managed to win not just one, but two jackpots totaling €6.7 million. This surprised not only the player but the entire industry!

Mega Fortune Lives Up to the Hype, Mints Another Record Millionaire

The winning moment experienced by the lucky Swedish player is like a scene from a fairy tale. After signing up for a real money account with Lets Bet Casino, the player decided to try their luck on the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt, one of the most popular games in the casino. In just a few spins, the player hit the jackpot worth €5,984,456! This is the largest jackpot ever won on this particular slot since 2016. Mega Fortune is loved for its glamorous design, 5-reels, 25-bet lines, and a base jackpot worth €4,000,000. In addition to the base jackpot, there are also two local jackpots, making Mega Fortune a popular progressive game at Lets Bet Casino. Winning over €5 million on a single slot game is remarkable and truly a record-breaking achievement.

But the player’s adventure at Lets Bet Casino didn’t end there. After the massive win on Mega Fortune, the Swedish player joined NetEnt’s Mega Millions campaign and won an additional €650,000! This pushed their total earnings for the day to nearly €7 million. Not a bad way to spend the day!

When asked about their thoughts during this incredible winning streak, the player shared that they were simply enjoying their vacation and felt the urge to play some games. As for how they plan to spend their winnings, the player said they will share it with loved ones and perhaps take some more vacations.

About Lets Bet Casino

Lets Bet Casino, owned and operated by Bethard Group Limited, offers a premium gaming experience with its live streaming, social features, and gamification. The casino takes pride in providing the best possible jackpots, as demonstrated by the recent double jackpot win on NetEnt games by a Swedish player. The CEO of the casino, Michael Petersen, expressed his excitement for the player’s jackpot win, stating that it is truly a life-changing experience.

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