Swedish Players Get New Express Features at Mr Green Casino
Posted in Casino Reviews, Industry May 13, 2018

Swedish Players Get New Express Features at Mr Green Casino

Mr Green Casino doesn’t need introductions. For ten years now it has been one of the best, biggest, and most progressive online casinos in the world. It has recently proven that innovation remains a big part of its success by launching an express service that will redefine online gambling for Swedish players.

Introducing New Express Features from Mr Green

At first sight, the new launch from Mr Green doesn’t seem like much. The upgrade simply makes the registration, deposit, and withdrawal process much faster. However, the thing that sounds so simple and insignificant makes a great difference for player experience. Most importantly, it gives a great boost to the digital security of player’s accounts and transactions.

Considering that the rate of average cost of a cyberattack for businesses is expected to exceed $150 million after 2020. And online casinos are definitely way over ‘average’. Added security is something every operator should make their priority.

New Express Features from Mr Green: Highlights

  • Mr Green’s Express Registration.
    – The new Registration feature does not only make the process nearly instantaneous for new players. It also complies with the new Swedish regulation.
  • Mr Green’s Express Withdrawal.
    – Never has a withdrawal been so quick and simple in an online casino. The new Withdrawal feature will have the money transferred to the player’s bank account in no more than 5 minutes. Gone are the waiting periods for transfers if you use BankID and are from Sweden. The new feature is available for those who make deposits through bank transfer.
  • Available for desktop and mobile devices.
    – You can enjoy the new express features no matter whether you play from a PC, iPhone, iPad, or an Android device.
  • Account validation speed up.
    – It’s not only the players who benefit from the Express Registration feature. Mr Green uses the upgraded validation process to verify accounts instantly. This further speeds up the process of one becoming a member of this amazing online casino.

What Do Mr Green’s Express Features Mean for the Industry?

In the official press release dedicated to the launch of these new services, Mr Green Ltd. CEO Jesper Kärrbrink, stated that his team is currently looking for ways to launch these same features beyond Sweden.

The problem, however, is that BankID, which is a highly secure digital identification system in Sweden, is not available everywhere. Even analogs of this system are few. Therefore, in order to extend these new features to other countries, Mr Green will have to either wait for such solutions to appear or to develop something new.

The challenge of creating a custom solution that will boost Mr Green’s services in some way is not something the operator shies away from. In fact, developers working with Mr Green are highly creative and have already launched a variety of solutions and extensions that improve the efficiency and quality of the casino’s services. This means that launching a secure electronic authentication system is not impossible.

‘Security above everything’ should be the motto of this project, and perhaps that’s exactly why the new features are only available in Sweden today. It’s definitely best to wait and give your all to the development of a solution that immediately adds several levels to casino’s cyber protections.

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If Mr Green manages to make this technology more adaptable and launch on its other markets, there can be no doubt that the industry will go through a revolution. Looking for new ways to secure player data and other essential digital information has long been one of the main objectives of all gambling operators. This new ‘Swedish Express’ shows that this can be done. So now we only have to wait for the method to be converted and implemented all over the online gambling web.

However, an increase in security is not the only benefit of Express features launched by Mr Green. The huge reduction in waiting times is also a boon that will definitely make online gambling more popular. Various marketing surveys state that an average customer’s attention span is under 3 seconds and over 40% of your visitors will leave the page if it takes so long to load. For an online casino, which is always heavy on graphics, an increase in speed might bring a huge influx of new players. It will also reduce the number of those who quit while waiting for the game to load.

This is another revolutionary change for any casino in the online gambling industry. Should this technology become more readily available in countries other than Sweden, we will surely see more of similar solutions. By speeding up and securing the player’s experience, Mr Green again proves that players are the focus of their business. It also inspires other operators to follow the casino’s lead. Such a motivation is essential for these businesses today as they seem to have been stuck in a rut where authentication technologies are concerned. Hopefully, Mr Green’s example will prompt a few changes in the way online casino registrations, deposits, and withdrawals work.

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