UK Gambling Commission Introduces Self-Monitoring Tools, Boosts Player Protection Online
Posted in Industry August 11, 2017

UK Gambling Commission Introduces Self-Monitoring Tools, Boosts Player Protection Online

Responsible gaming and player protection have become essential in the online casino industry. In addition to offering high-quality gaming solutions and new technologies, online casinos are now equally committed to promoting responsible gaming and protecting players.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has recently introduced self-monitoring tools to further enhance player protection and responsible gaming. These tools aim to empower players and enable them to track their online casino activities, thereby increasing their gaming awareness.

Giving Players Control Through Self-Monitoring Tools

The UK Gambling Commission is a leading licensing and regulating agency that oversees online casinos and ensures a secure gaming environment. In addition to granting licenses, the commission actively promotes player protection. Their latest move involves the introduction of more self-monitoring tools, based on consultations with stakeholders and reflecting the commission’s longstanding priorities.

The commission advises online casinos to provide members with access to their gambling and account information, allowing them to gain a better understanding of their activities. Casinos are expected to provide at least three months’ worth of information, including easy-to-understand reports on account and playing history. Financial aspects, such as net deposits made, should also be readily available. Furthermore, casinos should enable members to set financial limits, encouraging responsible decision-making while playing at online casinos.

The commission emphasizes that online casinos should prioritize players’ needs and requirements over profits. It is crucial to provide players with opportunities and platforms to define their play and engage in responsible gaming.

Popular Controls in Online Casinos

Many online casinos and gaming portals are implementing measures to assist customers and players. Leading online casinos, like Playtech, have introduced safety measures throughout the registration and gameplay processes. These measures include “Age Verification,” “Limits,” “Deposit Limits,” and “Session Limits.”

Age Verification requires new players to confirm their age before becoming full members. Playtech uses a third-party age verification system to verify applicants’ age and other credentials. Players can also set stake or bet limits on a daily, weekly, monthly, or session basis. This feature allows players to set reminders and better understand their gaming strategies. Additionally, top online casinos offer Session Time Limits, primarily for slot games, allowing players to set the duration of their gameplay.

All these initiatives aim to empower casino players and make them informed stakeholders in the industry. The UK Gambling Commission’s recent order is just one step among many towards achieving this goal.

At Casino.Dev, we highly encourage responsible gaming. iGaming should be enjoyable, and when it stops being fun, it’s essential to take a break. You can find more information on how to play responsibly on our site.

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