Updated Casino.Dev Navigator
Posted in Guides September 1, 2018

Updated Casino.Dev Navigator

The gaming industry is always evolving, with new games and trends introduced regularly. To stay ahead, online casino operators must creatively market these new games and offer promotions and services that appeal to all players. However, this can lead to an increase in unfamiliar terms and concepts that new and casual players may struggle to understand. At Casino.Dev, we understand this challenge and the need for continuous improvement, which is why we have updated our Casino.Dev Navigator.

Updated Navigator Now Available, Promising More Information and Guidance for All Players

First published last year, our Navigator is a comprehensive list of the most common abbreviations and terms used in online casinos. It primarily focuses on video slots and the associated features and terms. We recognized the importance of fully understanding these terms in order to appreciate and enjoy online gaming. The Navigator complements other sections and resources on our website.

In addition to the Bonus Navigator page, our website also features other helpful sections such as popular casino payment methods and top software providers. These sections are regularly updated as part of our commitment to providing responsive help and assistance to all players.

Revisit the Page to Gain New Information About Casino Terms and Features

In this latest update, we have added more terms and abbreviations that are relevant to video slot players. Although the previous version already covered important terms related to slots and their features, the updated content is even more comprehensive and helpful. For example, the section now includes various casino terms related to jackpots and wild symbols. While these terms are familiar, there are different types and variations that players should be aware of, particularly in top video slots offered by leading online casinos. The section now provides explanations and coverage for linked progressive jackpots, Wheel of Fortune-style bonus features, and Pick-a-Prize features.

Progressive linked jackpots are the most popular type of jackpot, offering the largest prizes. With multiple slot machines contributing to the prize pool, players can expect significant winnings. The section also expands on the different types of wild symbols used in top video slots. Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols in the game to create more winning combinations. Some popular types of wilds covered in the section include walking wilds, stacked wilds, and sticky wilds. These are just a few examples of the new terms and concepts explained in the updated section.

We invite you to explore our updated Navigator, learn new terms and abbreviations, and enhance your online casino experience along the way!

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