Be the Winner - Your Ultimate Guide to Live Casino Hold’Em Strategies
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Be the Winner – Your Ultimate Guide to Live Casino Hold’em Strategies

Live Casino Hold’em is an exciting game loved by players worldwide. It offers a high chance to win and is simple to understand. Unlike traditional poker, you don’t need to have a poker face when playing online. The best part is that following a sound Live Casino Hold’em strategy can minimize risks. Developing a strategy for this game doesn’t require complex mathematical calculations. You simply need to know when to fold or call.

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Live Casino Hold’em Strategies: When to Call

The objective of the game is to get the best poker hand using the two hole cards given to you by the dealer and the community cards on the table. As there are many variations, the ultimate strategy for playing Live Casino Hold’em is not highly detailed. In simple terms, the strategy involves calling more often than folding. On average, you should call about 82% of the time and fold the remaining 18%.

Here are the situations when you should call:

  • You have any pair in your hole cards.
  • There are two over-cards.
  • You have a flush draw.
  • Always call with king-high and ace-high.
  • Call any open-ended straight draw.
  • Call Queen-high in all situations except when the community cards are of different suits and monotone.
  • Call a gutshot straight draw (unless your intuition tells you otherwise).
  • Call Jack-high in all cases except when the board is monotone and you have 2 over-cards.

Following these guidelines is considered the optimal Casino Hold’em strategy. As you can see, the game is simple and straightforward.

However, it is crucial to remember that due to its simplicity and low house edge, Live Casino Hold’em can be addictive and lead to loss of control. It is important to set playing limits and keep your bets reasonably low. Since you may lose your bet every time you fold, which happens 18% of the time with the optimal strategy, caution is advised. The standard house edge on a Casino Hold’em table is around 0.82% when using the optimal strategy. However, variations of the game can have a house edge of over 2%.

If you are a beginner, you can use a specialized Casino Hold’em calculator to help you decide whether to fold or call. These calculators are available online for free, although they may not be 100% accurate. Keep the ultimate strategy in mind when making decisions.

Live Casino Hold’em Strategies: When to Fold

Many guides suggest folding every time you don’t get one of the listed combos above. However, the final decision is up to you. Here are the cases when you should definitely fold:

  • If there’s a pair in the community cards and you have a total of 10 or less (unless you can turn this combination into a flush or straight).
  • Fold if your cards are low and there doesn’t seem to be a chance of using them for a straight or flush, judging by the community cards.

Live Casino Hold’em Strategies: Side Bets

One of the benefits of Live Casino Hold’em is the presence of AA+ side bets that can boost your winnings. These bets offer payouts of around 100 for a royal flush, 50 for a straight flush, 40 for 4 of a kind, and so on. However, AA+ side bets always increase the house edge, sometimes raising it to 6.4%.

The solid winning strategy for using side bets in a game of Casino Hold’em is not to use them at all. Although the extra risk may add excitement, strategic players aiming to win more than lose should avoid this temptation.

Some Live Casino Hold’em games also offer a Progressive Jackpot variation of a side bet. This side game is independent of the main wager and offers the chance to win a full jackpot for a royal flush. If multiple players hit the jackpot, the prize will be divided among them.

A Live Casino Hold’em table usually has a Progressive Jackpot that increases with every round until it is won. This gives players the opportunity to win a substantial amount. The best part is that players can win the jackpot even if the dealer beats them or if they fold.

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