Your Guide to Baccarat Table Layouts: Mini, Midi, Maxi
Posted in Guides March 17, 2018

Your Guide to Baccarat Table Layouts: Mini, Midi, Maxi

Baccarat is a popular casino game known for its simple rules, captivating gameplay, and low house edge. It is enjoyed by both beginners and high rollers. There are different types of baccarat tables, including the full-size (maxi) baccarat table found in luxurious VIP rooms, the mini baccarat table available in most gambling spots, and the online baccarat table known as midi. While the variations may have different betting options and hand dealing methods, the rules of the game remain simple and easy to understand.

Maxi Baccarat or a Full-Size Baccarat Table

Maxi baccarat tables are larger and can accommodate 14 players, 2 dealers, and a croupier. The croupier, also known as the caller, oversees the game and makes calls on the hands. Other dealers provide players with chips and assistance. The table typically does not have the number ’13’ on it, but has numbers from 1 to 12, 14, and 15. The layout of the table allows players to bet on three options: ‘Player’, ‘Bank’, and ‘Tie’. The caller is positioned in the middle of the table to keep track of bets and deal the hands.

Mini Baccarat – For Those Who Like it Simple

Mini baccarat tables are smaller versions of the full-size table and have only one dealer. These tables are suitable for beginners or those who prefer lower betting limits. Mini tables seat 7 players and offer the same betting options as the full-size table.

Midi Baccarat – For Online Players

Midi baccarat tables are designed for online play and typically accommodate one player. The layout of the table is similar to the full-size and mini tables, but is displayed on the screen of a device, including mobile gadgets. Online baccarat tables may have additional side bets and offer a variety of designs. Live dealer baccarat, available online, allows players to interact with other players and provides a more immersive casino experience. The multiplayer option depends on the software used.

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