Casino.Dev Launches Navigator, Brings Casino Player Education and Guidance to the Next Level

London, May 17, 2017  At Casino.Dev, player education and empowerment are critical in the delivery of its products and services. This has been its principle and objectives when it launched its site, created new resources and applied for industry certifications. Today, players and users of the website can count on another feature that can help educate and empower – Casino.Dev Navigator. Designed with the players in mind, this new section works like a ‘frequently asked question’ (FAQ) page, and offers concise definitions of the most common casino-, slot- and gambling terms that are encountered online.


Debuted in the latter part of 2016, Casino.Dev has strategically elevated its standing in the fiercely competitive industry by implementing a sequence of enhancements to its website. These refinements have been meticulously crafted to heighten user experiences and amplify player satisfaction. The latest augmentation as part of its ongoing commitment to enlighten and empower players is the Casino.Dev Navigator—an invaluable content segment dedicated to elucidating prevalent casino, slot, and gambling terminologies and abbreviations. This feature mirrors the familiar “FAQ” page commonly found in online casinos, extending players and visitors the opportunity to access information and clarifications pertaining to frequently encountered casino terms and abbreviations. Currently in active operation, this section comprehensively spans three core categories: ‘General Gambling Terms and Abbreviations,’ ‘Video Slots Acronyms and Terms,’ and ‘Online Poker Acronyms and Terms.’

Right information, real value for casino players

The implementation of the Navigator page stands as a valuable tool for casino players, particularly those who are newcomers to the scene. This feature offers comprehensive guidance as they navigate the diverse array of offerings within online casinos. While casinos do not intentionally inundate their websites with intricate terminologies and acronyms, such jargon can often bewilder and intimidate casual casino players. The inclusion of the Navigator page has been thoughtfully devised to enhance the online experience, fostering well-informed and well-rounded casino enthusiasts.

A spokesperson from Casino.Dev emphasized that the introduction of the Navigator seamlessly aligns with the platform’s overarching vision of serving as a comprehensive resource for all things casino-related. The spokesperson further elaborated that the platform is dedicated to providing a wealth of superior content that addresses authentic queries from players, delivering tangible value to every visitor.

The Casino.Dev Navigator harmoniously integrates with the broader objectives of the site by aiding customers in grasping the intricacies of the online casino landscape. This launch is anticipated to enrich the platform’s content and resources while simultaneously broadening its array of offerings. Notably, this encompasses the recent introduction of a free-to-play version for all Yggdrasil slots. This addition complements the existing selection of games from esteemed providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech, offering players the opportunity to test games without charge before committing to real play at casinos.

With the incorporation of the Navigator, Casino.Dev emerges as the ultimate hub for anything related to casino gaming and entertainment. As a result, players are equipped with knowledge and insights even before they register for an account or embark on their journey through casino games.

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