Casino.Dev Launches Its First Slot Game on Google Play, Promises a Wild Social Gaming Experience

London, September 6, 2018Casino.Dev, a leading online casino affiliate website that offer online casino reviews and bonuses, slot game reviews and user guides as well as industry news has added another milestone to its growing brand. Just this August, Casino.Dev launched its own casual and social slot game, Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot, which is available for download on Google Play. With this new social gaming app, casual players can expect a different kind of casino entertainment which can be played for free anytime, anywhere. Updated as of August 28, 2018, and on its 1.0 version, this game clearly captures the affiliate’s brand position: a commitment to player entertainment and satisfaction.


Enter a realm adorned with exquisite jewels and precious gems, harmoniously set against the backdrop of lush tropical landscapes. Within this enchanting theme, both ardent casino enthusiasts and casual players will uncover an exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable experience within this new slot game.

Unfolding across a 3 by 5 playing grid, this game incorporates the quintessential features that define traditional slot entertainment. Embarking on this exciting new release, players will find themselves immersed in a spectacle of opulence laden with treasures. The game boasts an array of elements including wilds, stacks, enigmatic symbols, in-game multipliers, super symbols, and an enticing Free Spins mode.

Throughout gameplay, players will be enveloped in a soothing palette of colors, thoughtfully curated to cater to casual players seeking an experience rich with delightful elements. Furthermore, the game is fully equipped with customary slot features, including Auto Play, the Max Bet button, and an easily accessible paytable for players to consult at their leisure.

Casino.Dev' Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot on Google Play

Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot, a social casino slot by Casino.Dev. Enjoy hours of fun! Available for download on Google Play.

Casual Slot Game for the Casual Players and Enthusiasts

Crafted with the intention of delivering a social gaming experience, the Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot has been meticulously developed by Casino.Dev’s in-house creative team. It ushers in a plethora of entertaining opportunities, all without the need for concern regarding potential monetary losses.

Operating as a social game, engaging with the Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot doesn’t necessitate the utilization of real money wagers. In fact, such wagers aren’t even offered within this framework. Enthusiastic players can simply visit the Google Play Store, swiftly download the app, and promptly embark on a gaming journey accessible anytime and anywhere.

In essence, this Casino.Dev slot emerges as a twofold delight for casual players – affording them the opportunity to relish the game’s immersive entertainment sans any trepidation concerning their bankrolls. Designed for Android devices, the slot necessitates a minimum system version of 4.1. Moreover, the option of in-app purchases is at the players’ disposal, enriching the overall gaming experience for those who opt to partake.

Casino.Dev, One of the First Affiliates to Launch Branded Slots

The unveiling of this fresh slot application signifies a momentous stride for Casino.Dev, propelling it towards a notable milestone. With the introduction of this game, the affiliate solidifies its standing as one of the trailblazing online casino affiliates to unveil its exclusive casual and social slot game. In close collaboration with industry experts in state-of-the-art mathematical and game design, coupled with insights from its editorial board, players can confidently anticipate social slots that rival even the most esteemed casual slot games available in the market.

Boasting an array of features, including a soothing theme, Free Spins, and an assortment of remarkable slot elements waiting to be uncovered, the underlying objective of this social game is elegantly straightforward: to furnish unending entertainment and nurture a sense of elation. In recent correspondence via email, the Casino.Dev team conveyed their enthusiasm for the game, articulating that this social casino slot is “geared towards crafting amusement and enjoyment! It provides our users an additional avenue to engage with a slot game on their mobile devices, all without any cost!” While any accumulated winnings might not be convertible or withdrawable, the intrinsic worth of the entertainment it delivers is incalculable.

Functioning as a social slot game, the Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot offers a free-to-play experience, conveniently accessible for download via the Google Play Store. The app’s developer assumes no liability regarding the legal parameters associated with app usage, operating under the premise that players are at least 18 years of age and have adhered to other prerequisites relevant to their respective regions or jurisdictions. Once successfully installed on your Android device, this social slot game promises an indelible gaming expedition, replete with wilds, bonuses, Free Spins, and unlockable bonus features that guarantee an authentically memorable encounter.

About Casino.Dev

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