Casino.Dev v2 Launched, Promises Better User Experience

Stockholm, February 26, 2017 Casino.Dev, a new online gaming portal, has recently launched its second version of the site, with improved filters for casino, games search and social sharing mechanisms. With its improved and updated layout, users can now connect with their preferred casinos and games, and tap into a great casino user experience along the way.


Originally launched in late 2016, Casino.Dev was conceived as a comprehensive hub catering to casino enthusiasts and players seeking to enhance their casino experience. As an online casino portal, users and enthusiasts can access casino reviews, online game reviews covering a wide range of games from slots to video poker, and other industry news relevant to the needs of casino players. With changing customer preferences in mind and the founding team’s commitment to responsiveness, the site has now unveiled its second version. The outcome is an upgraded casino portal, enriched with enhanced filters, social sharing capabilities, casino and game ratings, and other pertinent widgets aimed at promoting informed and responsible casino gaming.

One standout feature of the revamped site is its improved filters, empowering visitors to effortlessly locate their preferred online casinos based on various parameters. Filters include casino type, supported devices, deposit and withdrawal methods, licenses, currencies, and languages. Furthermore, a plethora of casinos have been meticulously rated on a scale from 1 to 100, simplifying the search process for players. A similar rating scale has been applied to the listing of casino games, spanning from slots to table games, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

At Casino.Dev, the founding team is dedicated to granting players seamless access to promotional content and news while promoting responsible gaming practices. Beyond the provision of news and promotional materials, the website’s team has introduced a social sharing function, allowing users to share news with friends via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, or even through email. This democratizes the sharing of news and content.

In a statement, the developers of the portal promise additional improvements and add that “there are obviously 100 other tweaks improving the experience which are too small to even mention. You know how it is! I can tell you one thing though, if you like details; watch for the spinning diamond when you change the filters. If you didn’t know – it’s part of our logo!”

In an industry marked by intense competition and a commitment to player assistance, Casino.Dev has taken the initiative to launch its version 2, resulting in a finely tuned and enhanced casino portal. The quest for online casinos and games has been made smoother due to the introduction of new filters. Looking ahead, the minds behind Casino.Dev are dedicated to continually improving their services and are open to receiving feedback and suggestions.

About Casino.Dev

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