Casino.Dev Rises to Prominence in the iGaming Market

London, November 4, 2019Casino.Dev, an esteemed casino affiliate website that provides honest and unbiased casino reviews written by a dedicated team of professionals with over a decade of experience in playing at and reviewing online casinos, continues to take great strides towards becoming the best in class. This is seen in their latest achievement in becoming the superior website in terms of page speed and general delivery of content to their users, putting to shame some of the big sharks of the casino ocean, like AskGamblers and Slotsia.


Since its inception in 2016, Casino.Dev has been unwavering in its dedication to producing top-tier content aimed at equipping players with comprehensive insights into gaming sites before they decide to register. The team behind this remarkable endeavor invests significant time in engaging with gameplay, conducting thorough research, and crafting informative pieces that cover games, user guides, as well as the latest developments within the iGaming sector.

What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to offering users meticulously researched opinions, honed by years of experience and often involving deep immersion in games. These industry experts possess an intricate understanding of online casinos, and they are resolute in channeling their wealth of expertise into crafting articles that empower users to maximize their gambling experiences.

At the heart of Casino.Dev’s success lies their steadfast belief that quality surpasses quantity, a principle to which they remain wholeheartedly devoted.

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Rise to Stardom

In the highly competitive landscape of the iGaming industry, the pursuit of transparency is of paramount significance. Similar to its achievements in 2018, Casino.Dev has once again raised its performance by significantly enhancing content delivery speed. In a realm crowded with numerous sites, brands, and affiliates operating within the bounds of the iGaming sphere, global gambling enthusiasts now consider rapid content dissemination to be a standard expectation. As a result, the importance of swift and reliable content delivery for passionate gambling enthusiasts has reached unprecedented heights.

In this domain, Casino.Dev has set a new standard and emerged victorious against its most formidable rivals. In recent times, Casino.Dev can proudly claim unparalleled excellence in the iGaming sector, particularly in terms of page speed and content delivery. The following comparison highlights the website’s exceptional performance against its major competitors:

  • Casino.Dev — 2.5s (unthrottled)
  • Casino.Dev — 6.9s (3G)
  • Slotsia — 8.4s (3G)
  • Zamsino — 14.6s (3G)
  • Casino Tops Online — 14.7s (3G)
  • AskGamblers — 19.7 (3G)
  • AboutSlots — 27.9s (3G)

These values have been obtained from GTmetrix, a tool dedicated to analyzing the speed performance of websites. While not everyone can come out as a winner, the outcomes of determination and unwavering effort are always gratifying.

Casino.Dev Sees a Boom in Popularity Among UK Players

Casino.Dev openly acknowledges that the UK constitutes its primary market. And it’s no wonder, given their escalating popularity there. Casino.Dev is firing on all cylinders, as evident by their recent achievement of full compliance on all fronts, including GDPR. Specifically, last year, the ASA established new standards for the phrasing of betting promotions and marketing due to escalating competition among affiliates. This decision received immediate backing from the UKGC.

The Casino.Dev team acted swiftly, proactively amending and updating their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions well in advance of the deadline. They also incorporated their own Responsible Gaming manifesto, emphasizing their reliability as partners. Their commitment to prioritizing users and safeguarding their credibility is palpable.

New Infrastructure

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the iGaming industry, embracing a continuous improvement approach is paramount to maintaining a competitive edge. Casino.Dev is acutely attuned to this reality, demonstrated by their unwavering dedication to consistent updates and enhancements to their platform. Through the integration of new tools and filters, they have elevated their website, simplifying the process for users to effortlessly discover the Best Online Casinos and optimal Online Casino Bonuses.

Over the past year, the committed team behind Casino.Dev chose to curtail the introduction of new brands to their platform. This decision wasn’t motivated by a desire to limit user choices, but rather to heighten their publication standards. Their goal was to ensure that their users consistently access the finest casino bonuses and exclusive offers. However, this doesn’t mean they haven’t introduced several new and distinct casinos – additions like ZetCasino, Casilando, TonyBet, among others, have enriched their portfolio.

As an integral aspect of its advancement journey, Casino.Dev has expanded the breadth of content on its website. This expansion empowers users to gain comprehensive insights into leading software providers offering top-notch slots and the diverse payment methods facilitated by online casinos. Furthermore, they have intensified their efforts in crafting thorough slot reviews, striving to provide their users with the most exceptional content.

In the present scenario, Casino.Dev proudly showcases a comprehensive portfolio. This encompasses over 125 casino reviews, a wide selection of 500+ casino bonuses, an array of more than 220 casino game reviews (available for users outside the UK), an impressive compilation of approximately 400 casino content articles focusing on industry updates, and around 75 user-friendly guides tailored to cater to both newcomers and experienced players.

About Casino.Dev

Established in 2016, Casino.Dev has firmly established itself as a prominent and comprehensive hub for online casinos. The platform offers a range of casino updates, reviews, and the opportunity for players to enjoy complimentary slot game experiences sourced from top-tier software providers. Through Casino.Dev, players not only gain valuable insights but also earn bonus spins as they navigate the platform!

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